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How we're taking action

We've always held ourselves to a high standard of safety, but here's what we're doing during this time to take care of our guests even more...

Updated Personal Protective Equipment (PPE)

"PPE" is equipment worn to minimize the exposure and transmission of infections including COVID-19. All doctors and staff have been equipped with proper PPE to continue treating our patients safely.

Social Distancing in the Office

We will be operating around 50% capacity to ensure that we space out appointments throughout the day.

Contactless Waiting Room

When you come in for your appointment, give us a call from your car so we can guide you into the office.

We understand the necessity of full transparency in a time like this, so Dr. Birch and Dr. Keilson outline what you can expect when you come into the office for your visit. We can't wait to see you!

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