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About Us


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Our Mission

More than just a bright smile. We speak kid. Sac Kids Dental provides a personalized experience so your children will no longer fear the dentist.



At Sac Kids Dental, we strive to make your child’s dental visits as fun as possible. By making their first visits to the dentist a fun and rewarding experience, they will reap the benefits of good oral health for a lifetime. Our office is designed with kids in mind. Children should not fear the dentist. Sac Kids Dental ensures that they will look forward to their appointments. We have brightened the smiles of thousands of children in the greater Sacramento area.  


High Quality, Comprehensive Care

We have an incredible, highly-trained dental team.  We work closely and happily with other dental specialists and physicians in the community so we can provide well-informed and comprehensive care for our patients. We offer some of the latest and best in dental technology. We regularly check in with our families to be sure they feel good about us and to make note of any special needs or requests from parents or kids.


We Speak "Kid"

We know kids want and need different things than grown-ups. We want kids to enjoy their visits with us, so we designed our office environment for them. We’ve even resorted to a little calculated bribery in the interest of luring our little friends back for regular visits.


Flexible Treatment

Sometimes even the most laid-back kids have difficulty tolerating even a routine dental visit without help. We think every child deserves to have a good experience while visiting the dentist! We design a custom approach to dental care best suited to each child’s needs to make sure they have the kind of experience they don’t mind coming back for.

Our Dentists


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Dr. John Birch

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Dr. Richard Keilson

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Dr. Warren McWilliams

Success Stories


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Check out our other happy patients!

"Although Dr. Birch’s office is quite a distance from our house, we are more than willing to make the trek because he’s just that awesome. Dr. Birch listens attentively to questions, provides solid referrals for complicated stuff like oral surgery and orthodontics, and cares about our kids."

"Dr. Birch is the best. Not only did my kid not realize that her tooth extraction had happened, he went through a little act to make her think that he pulled it with a rope of floss. It was hilarious and awesome. She was so nervous before and was totally satisfied afterwards that she had been nervous for no reason. Thank you!"

"We love this dentist office. All of the staff and Dr. Keilson is super friendly and patient with our two boys. Dr. Keilson explains everything to both the kids and parents. He makes the kids feel comfortable, relaxed and safe. We have been coming to this office since 2015 even though we live across town."

Contact Us


Our Address

103 Scripps Dr. Suite 15

Sacramento, CA 95825

 Tel: (916) 929-5534 

Office Hours

Monday – Friday  7:30 AM – 4:30 PM

Saturday    8 AM – 12 PM


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